COVID-19 and civil society organizations in Africa: Global Fund grant implementers respond

15 Apr 2020
Alongside health ministries, civil society organizations are springing into action to protect caregivers and guarantee care for the most vulnerable


Engagement renouvelé de la Fondation Ecobank envers le Fonds mondial

9 Nov 2016
La Fondation promet une contribution de trois millions de dollars sur trois ans lors de la Conférence de reconstitution du Fonds mondial

La Fondation Ecobank a renouvelé son partenariat avec le Fonds mondial en annonçant une contribution d'une valeur de trois millions de dollars sur trois ans, lors de la Conférence de reconstitution du Fonds qui s’est tenue


Ecobank Foundation and its renewed Global Fund commitment

19 Oct 2016
More on the Foundation's three-year, $3 million commitment made at the Global Fund replenishment conference

The Ecobank Foundation renewed its partnership with the Global Fund, announcing a three-year, $3 million commitment during the Fund’s September Replenishment Conference in Montreal, Canada as reported by Aidspan here.


"Phase 2 Renewal" Process Leads to Cancellation of a Global Fund Grant

7 Mar 2005

The Global Fund has informed Senegal that it will not renew a malaria grant that is approaching the end of its second year, because of "systemic issues that resulted in poor performance." This is the first Global Fund grant to be terminated by the Fund after two years rather than being renewed for Years 3 through 5.