L'Inspecteur général sortant du Fonds mondial parle en toute franchise de ses réalisations et de ses défis

2 Jun 2020
Mouhamadou Diagne salue l'équipe "incroyablement talentueuse" du Bureau de l'Inspecteur général


The outgoing Inspector General of the Global Fund speaks candidly about his achievements and challenges

15 May 2020
Mouhamadou Diagne lauds the best-in-class team of the Office of the Inspector General


Inspector General’s annual report to the Global Fund Board describes ‘strategic themes’ – and the inevitability of risk

29 May 2019
Global Fund’s response to that reality must continue to evolve, IG says

The Inspector General, Mouhamadou Diagne, introduced his annual report to the Global Fund Board with, on the one hand, praise for the Fund’s steady expansion of HIV treatment, progress towards malaria control or elimination, and high success rates in the treatment of tuberculosis, and on the other, by highlighting key areas that continue to require attention, namely program quality, finding missing TB cases, transition (and sustainability), an