Global Fund adds five countries to its 2020 Eligibility List

14 Jan 2020
Updated transitions list projects 12 countries becoming ‘upper-middle-income’ by 2028

According to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria’s recently published Eligibility 2020 list, the


L’examen stratégique 2017 du Fonds mondial identifie des déficiences dans plusieurs domaines programmatiques, notamment les démarches différenciées, la capacité d’absorption et les transitions

9 Apr 2019
Le rapport final, publié en février 2019, conclut que le Fonds mondial met en œuvre de manière efficace les plans stratégiques

Un rapport préparé fin 2017 – mais publié en février 2019 seulement – est le résultat final d’un examen stratégique réalisé par le Groupe technique de référence en évaluation sur la manière dont le Fonds mondial a mis en œuvre, et continuera de le faire, ses plans stratégiques.


Global Fund’s Strategic Review 2017 identifies gaps in several program areas, including differentiated approaches, absorptive capacity and transitions

1 Apr 2019
Final report, released in February 2019, found that the Fund performed well in operationalizing strategic plans

A report prepared in late 2017 – but not released until February 2019 – is the end product of a strategic review conducted by the Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG) on how well the Global Fund has been able, and will be able, to operationalize its strategic plans.


Global Fund grants achieving substantial impact while financial controls continue to improve, OIG says

15 Nov 2018
Report also identifies challenges in quality of services, finding missing TB cases and managing transitions

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) says that its work to date in 2018 has found that “the Global Fund partnership has achieved substantial results across all three diseases, with material increases in particular in the coverage of services.”