L'audit de l'OIG montre que les économies réalisées grâce au projet Campus de la santé mondiale (GHC) dépassent les attentes

4 Apr 2020
Certaines questions de gouvernance, de contrats et de gestion des actifs doivent être améliorées

Le premier audit du Campus de la Santé mondiale (Global Health Campus - GHC), réalisé par le Bureau de l'Inspecteur général (OIG), conclut que le "projet" de partage des coûts et des risques entre plusieurs partenaires de la santé mondiale a été plus efficace que prévu.


OIG audit shows cost savings from Global Health Campus project exceed expectations

1 Apr 2020
Some governance, contract and asset-management issues need improvement

The first audit by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Global Health Campus (GHC) concludes that the ‘project’ of sharing both costs and risks among several global health partners has been more effective than originally anticipated.


Gavi and the Global Fund: Collaborating for impact and efficiency

11 Jun 2018
Sharing knowledge and coordinating political advocacy are two of the areas on which the organizations work together

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) and the Global Fund have been collaborating at the program level for many years. Their collaboration will intensify now that the headquarters of both organizations are relocating to the Global Health Campus (GHC) in Geneva.


Board approves 2018 Global Fund OPEX budget of $312 million

15 Nov 2017
Fund will need to find savings to offset one-time expense of moving to Global Health Campus

The Global Fund Board approved a 2018 operating expenses (OPEX) budget totaling $312.0 million. This is $12.0 million higher than the 2017 OPEX budget.


Report of the Global Fund’s Interim E.D. touches on AMAs, supply chain management and other topics

15 Nov 2017
Marijke Wijnroks calls for more realistic targets and deliverables for AMAs

“We need to work with the OIG more on AMAs [agreed management actions] to try to make the timelines and deliverables more realistic,” Marijke Wijnroks says in her progress report to the Board.