German development agency and Global Fund train three more African countries in strengthening health systems

15 Apr 2020
The COVID-19 crisis highlights the critical importance of health systems


Evaluation describes France's 5% Initiative for Global Fund grant recipients as "creative" and "relevant"

6 Mar 2018
Evaluators recommend improvements in the operations and oversight of the initiative

The 5% Initiative “is relevant in the context of specific difficulties linked to the implementation of Global Fund grants in the French-speaking region….” The initiative is “a creative mechanism combining a bilateral approach within a multilateral framework.”


France's 7% Initiative calls for proposals from Global Fund grant recipients

20 Feb 2018
Applicants from 55 countries are eligible

The 7% Initiative has launched two “mutually complementary, but distinct” calls for proposals: AP-7PC-2018-01 seeks projects aiming to strengthen health systems at all levels from community to national; AP-7PC-2018-02 calls for projects aiming to improve access to high-quality health services for vulnerable populations.


Abidjan consultation focuses on challenges facing Global Fund CCMs

7 Nov 2017
Participants were not comfortable with the proposed concept of differentiated models for CCMs

The consultation in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire on the evolution of the country coordination mechanism (CCM) model provided a valuable opportunity for CCM members to share a dialogue among peers and with the Global Fund Secretariat. Participants took advantage of the opportunity to voice their concerns about the challenges they face in ensuring their CCMs function effectively.