Global Fund Sixth Replenishment achieves $14-billion target, largest amount ever raised for a multilateral health organization

11 Oct 2019
Last $100 million to be committed within the Replenishment period, leadership promises

The Global Fund has effectively reached its target of “at least $14 billion” for its Sixth Replenishment, the largest amount ever raised for a multilateral health organization. Many donors, spurred by President Emmanuel Macron’s stirring appeal to end injustice and inequality, topped up their pledges with last-minute increases, and several new donors from all sectors came to the table.


Nouveaux partenariats concernant le Fonds mondial annoncés à Davos

14 Feb 2018
Un des partenariats a provoqué une réaction d'organisations s'intéressant aux effets de l'alcool sur la santé publique

La réunion annuelle du Forum économique mondial, qui s’est tenue du 23 au 26 janvier 2018 dans la localité suisse de Davos, fut l’occasion d’annoncer plusieurs partenariats auxquels le Fonds mondial est partie.


New partnerships involving the Global Fund announced at Davos

7 Feb 2018
One of the partnerships sparked a reaction from organizations concerned with the effects of alcohol on public health

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, held on 23–26 January 2018 in Davos, Switzerland, was the occasion for announcements of several new partnerships involving the Global Fund.


Sales of Apple’s new red iPhone 7 will benefit the Global Fund

2 Apr 2017

Apple Inc. has launched a special edition iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with a vibrant red aluminum finish. A small portion of the profits from the sale of each phone will be contributed to the Global Fund, as part of Apple’s partnership with (RED) – previously known as (PRODUCT) RED.