Global Fund grants achieving substantial impact while financial controls continue to improve, OIG says

15 Nov 2018
Report also identifies challenges in quality of services, finding missing TB cases and managing transitions

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) says that its work to date in 2018 has found that “the Global Fund partnership has achieved substantial results across all three diseases, with material increases in particular in the coverage of services.”


Rapport d’Aidspan : Les institutions supérieures de contrôle dans certains pays d’Afrique peuvent ne pas intervenir dans les subventions du Fonds mondial

31 Jan 2018

Dans de nombreux pays africains bénéficiant de subventions du Fonds mondial, les maîtres d’œuvre ne profitent peut-être pas des services que pourraient offrir leur institution supérieure de contrôle (ISC). C’est là une des principales constatations d’une étude réalisée par Aidspan sur l’implication des institutions supérieures de contrôle dans l’audit des subventions du Fonds mondial.


Supreme Audit Institutions in some countries in Africa may not be involved in Global Funds grants: Aidspan report

23 Jan 2018

In many African countries that receive Global Fund grants, implementers may not take advantage of the services their Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) could provide. This is one of the key findings of a study conducted by Aidspan on the involvement of SAIs in auditing Global Fund grants.


Outstanding recoverable balance related to OIG audits and investigations drops to $22.6 million

29 Nov 2016

During the first eight months of 2016, the Secretariat made good progress in recovering amounts owing as a result of non-compliant expenditures identified during audits and investigations undertaken by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). A total of $24.8 million was recovered, thus lowering the outstanding recoverable balance to $22.6 million (excluding written commitments to repay).


Progress made on implementing AMAs, though 17 remain long overdue

29 Nov 2016
OIG and Secretariat issue separate reports to the Board

For the first 10 months or so of 2017, 91 agreed management actions (AMAs) were closed and 73 new ones were opened. As of 10 October 2016, there were 17 long overdue AMAs (defined as being more than 180 days late).

AMAs are actions that the Secretariat has agreed to implement following discussions with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) about problems identified in OIG audits and investigations.