Global Fund Board approves grants totaling more than $2 billion

17 Oct 2017
Thirty-two funding requests were processed in less than seven months

African heads of state adopt scorecard on domestic financing for health

6 Sep 2016
Scorecard will help plan and monitor health spending

“The dwindling and unpredictability of development assistance compels Africa to look inwards for domestic resources for the care of her people. Africa will need to mobilize internal resources for the promotion of her health.”


Board approves another batch of NFM grants

6 Sep 2016
Fourteen country grants will receive $180 million; four regional grants will get $25 million
Domestic financing represents between 9% and 80% of total resources for the next implementation period, depending on the grant

In August 2016, the Global Fund Board approved $180 million in funding for 14 grants emanating from concept notes submitted by 11 countries. Of the $180 million, $60 million represented new money; the balance was existing funding that had been approved prior to the new funding model (NFM) but was nevertheless included in the NFM allocations to countries.