Regional 'Platforms' proving vital to Global Fund’s community, rights and gender strategic initiative

17 Sep 2018
Ten months after their re-launch, Platforms are communicating with thousands online and connecting CSOs to much-needed technical assistance


Six Regional Platforms for Communication and Coordination begin work as part of the Global Fund’s CRG Strategic Initiative

28 Nov 2017
The platforms will support communities to engage in all aspects of Global Fund grant processes, and to access technical assistance

Civil society survey finds three-quarters of respondents have accessed Global Fund technical assistance

2 Apr 2017
One-third have accessed technical assistance from more than one provider

In a recent survey of 54 representatives from African civil society organizations and community groups, 76% reported previously accessing technical assistance (TA) to support their engagement in Global Fund processes.


Des obstacles à l'information pour la société civile, selon le rapport sur les subventions régionales

9 Nov 2016
Quarante trois parties prenantes de quatre pays africains ont été interrogés



Activists urge continuation of special investments in community, rights and gender

1 Nov 2016
A decision will be made at the 36th Board Meeting in November

As the 2014-2016 grant cycle comes to a close, the Global Fund’s six Special Initiatives are also winding down.


Report on regional grants finds information barriers for civil society

29 Sep 2016
43 stakeholders from four African countries were interviewed

A new research report has found that civil society and community groups face a range of critical information barriers with respect to the Global Fund’s regional grants in Africa.


African civil society PRs establish community of practice

17 Sep 2016
The PRs gathered in Nairobi to share experiences

Civil society principal recipients (PRs) from across Africa recently gathered in Nairobi, Kenya to consolidate their collective knowledge and experiences and establish a formal community of practice. From 29-31August, 65 participants from 20 African countries demonstrated their commitment to strengthening the implementation of Global Fund grants through increased collaboration and peer learning.


Ответная реакция Грузинских НПО на значительный рост инфекции ВИЧ среди МСМ

15 Jun 2016
TП предоставлена инициативой Глобального Фонда по вопросам CПГ

В рамках своей специальной инициативы по вопросам касающимся сообществ, прав и гендера, Глобальный Фонд оказалф техническую помощь (ТП) с целью поддержки организации сообщества, ЛГБТ Грузии, в ответном реагировании на тревожный рост инцидентности ВИЧ среди мужчин, имеющих половые контакты с мужчинами.


Georgian NGO responds to large increase in HIV among MSM

7 Jun 2016
TA provided by The Global Fund’s CRG initiative

Under its Community, Rights, and Gender special initiative, The Global Fund is providing technical assistance (TA) to assist a community-based organization, LGBT Georgia, to respond to an alarming increase in HIV incidence among men who have sex with men.