CCM performance appraisals and improvement plans still not being made public

5 Sep 2016

In its latest report, the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC) recommended approval of funding for a TB/HIV grant to Central Africa Republic. The report mentions, among other things, that “GAC partners highlighted the opportunity to put into place an action to strengthen the CCM [country coordinating mechanism].”


La plupart des ICN qui ont soumis des notes conceptuelles ne remplissent pas l'ensemble des critères minimaux d'admissibilité

24 Feb 2015

Les instances de coordination nationale (ICN) rencontrent des problèmes pour intégrer les nouvelles exigences relatives à l'amélioration des résultats. Parmi les 84 ICN pour lesquelles une évaluation des résultats a été effectuée, seules quatre remplissent l'ensemble des critères minimaux d'admissibilité.


Most CCMs that have submitted concept notes are not fully compliant with minimum requirements

12 Feb 2015
Performance assessment data show that just 10 of 80 plans to improve CCM performance are on track

Country coordination mechanisms are facing challenges integrating the new requirements for performance improvement. Just four of the 84 CCMs that have completed performance assessments are fully compliant with minimum requirements. Of 80 performance improvement plans in development, only 10 are on track.