20 Jun 2013

The Center for Global Development (CGD) has published a “consultation draft” of a report on value for money in global health, with particular reference to the Global Fund. The CGD is seeking feedback on the draft. The deadline for feedback is 12 July 2013.

The report is titled, “More Health for the Money: A Practical Agenda for the Global Fund and its Partners.” It is a product of the Working Group on Value for Money in Global Health at the CGD. The chair of the working group is Amanda Glassman.

The report says that “more health for the money is not about reducing costs or cutting budgets, but rather about maximizing the health impact of every available peso, pound or pula to reduce human suffering and save lives.”

The report says that the working group report identified four stages in the Global Fund’s grant cycle where health for the money can be improved: (1) how resources are allocated; (2) how contracts are structured; (3) how information on commodities, etc. is used to reduce costs; and (4) how performance is verified.

The report advances some fairly concrete recommendations for how the Global Fund can improve value for money at each stage.

To guide the feedback, the CGD is asking the following four questions:

  1. What parts of the report are vague or confusing?
  2. Are there any other tools or opportunities to realise value-for-money gains that we have missed? 
  3. Are there any case studies or examples of value-for-money gains that we have missed?
  4. Do you see potential areas of overlap or opportunities for engagement with existing or planned activities being undertaken by other organisations (including your own)?

See Amanda Glassman’s blog for more information, including: (a) a link to the draft report; and (b) an email address for submitting comments. In addition, comments can be posted directly on the blog page. There are already several comments there.

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