The 2010 launch of the Local Watchdog Project in east and southern Africa. Since the launch, in-person training on the Fund and watchdogging techniques has been conducted with 362 people in 12 countries.

Increasing the transparency of The Global Fund by successfully lobbying for the Fund to post on its website (a) Board decisions taken by electronic vote; and (b) attachments to concept notes.

Creation of a French-language version of GFO (Observatoire du Fonds mondial)

More than 280 issues of its flagship publication, Global Fund Observer, which provides clear information about the Fund to some more than 8,500 people in 150 countries.

Accessible and informative presentations of Fund grant management data, as well as pledges and contributions.

In-depth analysis on the problems at the Fund in 2011-2012 that spurred major policy and strategic changes.

Exposure of misuse of money, including the 2005 revelation of corruption within the Ugandan Ministry of Health.

Improving the quality, completeness and presentation of Global Fund data.

Influence on the Fund's policymaking, including funding models, with the publication of products including the Equitable Contributions Framework.

Development of a high degree of trust and confidence at the highest levels of The Global Fund, which provides Aidspan with an unprecedented level of access and observer status at Fund board meetings.

Establishment of a first-ever watchdog of a major multilateral financing institution with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the institution.