28 Sep 2011

GFO is planning a lengthy Commentary on the High-Level Panel report, its recommendations, and the response by the Global Fund to those recommendations.


Readers who have views on those matters are invited to email me by 4 October sharing their thoughts. We look forward to hearing from Board members, Global Fund employees, employees of principal recipients and sub-recipients, employees of local fund agents, CCM members, TRP members, donors, providers of technical assistance, and people who benefit or are supposed to from Global Fund-financed programmes.

What is your overall impression of the recommendations of the Panel? (They are reported on in GFO Issue 158.) What do you think were the two or three most important findings (and why)? Did the Panel get some things wrong? Did it fail to address some issues? How could its recommendations be improved? Did the Board do the right thing in adopting most of the recommendations? Please email your comments to me, writing anything from a single sentence to a whole page. Your identify, and anything you say, will be treated in confidence unless you explicitly state otherwise.

Bernard Rivers (rivers@aidspan.org) is Executive Director of Aidspan and Editor of GFO.

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