The term "Aidspan donor score" was invented by Aidspan. It is expressed as the annual contribution as a percentage of the country's GNI. The scoring works as follows:

  • Donor score "A": % of GNI is equal to or greater than 0.010%
  • Donor score "B": % starts from 0.007% to less than 0.010%
  • Donor score "C": % starts from 0.004% to less than 0.007%
  • Donor score "D": % starts from 0.001% to less than 0.004%
  • Donor score "E": % is less than 0.001%
promesses de dons/Contribution
AnnéeTotal pledge ($)% change from previous yearTotal contribution ($)Pourcentage du total des contributionsEconomic classificationGNI ($)Contribution en % du RNBDonor score
2001-2002300,000,000n/a300,000,000100.0 %
2003322,725,0007.6%322,725,000100.0 %High11,591,400,000,0000.0028D
2004458,881,27842.2%458,881,278100.0 %High12,372,600,000,0000.0037D
2005415,605,182-9.4%415,605,182100.0 %High13,221,800,000,0000.0031D
2006512,989,10523.4%512,989,105100.0 %High14,140,800,000,0000.0036D
2007679,445,59232.4%679,445,592100.0 %High14,585,700,000,0000.0047C
2008808,189,41218.9%808,189,412100.0 %High14,791,200,000,0000.0055C
2009959,036,68418.7%959,036,684100.0 %High14,494,500,000,0000.0066C
2010999,080,1824.2%999,080,182100.0 %High15,121,100,000,0000.0066C
2011993,549,768-0.6%993,549,768100.0 %High15,802,900,000,0000.0063C
20121,215,526,11922.3%1,215,526,119100.0 %High16,599,700,000,0000.0073B
20131,470,437,46921.0%1,470,437,469100.0 %High17,204,300,000,0000.0085B
20141,650,000,00012.2%1,551,876,01294.1 %High17,812,700,000,0000.0087B
20151,350,000,000-18.2%00.0 %
20161,107,000,000-18.0%00.0 %


  • The United States contribution to the Global Fund is subject to appropriation and certain U.S. legislative restrictions, including that, during 2004-2013, no U.S. government contribution may cause the total amount of U.S. government funds contributed to exceed 33% of total contributions. Furthermore, at the donor's discretion, up to 5 percent of this funding may be applied in the form of direct bilateral technical assistance to activities related to Global Fund grant implementation, and the contribution to the Global Fund reduced correspondingly.
  • Les montants "pas encore décaissés" ne sont pas équivalents à "montants promis" moins "contributions effectives", dans les cas où les sommes des contributions du bailleur de fonds sont supérieures à ses promesses pour certaines années et inférieures pour d'autres.
  • The pledge for 2011 - 2013 is subject to budgetary and/or parliamentary approval.