The term "Aidspan donor score" was invented by Aidspan. It is expressed as the annual contribution as a percentage of the country's GNI. The scoring works as follows:

  • Donor score "A": % of GNI is equal to or greater than 0.010%
  • Donor score "B": % starts from 0.007% to less than 0.010%
  • Donor score "C": % starts from 0.004% to less than 0.007%
  • Donor score "D": % starts from 0.001% to less than 0.004%
  • Donor score "E": % is less than 0.001%
promesses de dons/Contribution
AnnéeTotal pledge ($)% change from previous yearTotal contribution ($)Pourcentage du total des contributionsEconomic classificationGNI ($)Contribution en % du RNBDonor score
20040n/a5,4790.0 %High34,151,718,9840.0000E
200500.0%9,3170.0 %High36,173,858,9730.0000E
200600.0%13,2850.0 %High39,278,760,5070.0000E
200743,5510.0%43,551100.0 %High47,243,087,8730.0001E
200853,33622.5%53,336100.0 %High54,246,081,7340.0001E
200960,34213.1%60,342100.0 %High49,559,183,1060.0001E
201068,56013.6%68,560100.0 %High47,507,019,8680.0001E


  • Les montants "pas encore décaissés" ne sont pas équivalents à "montants promis" moins "contributions effectives", dans les cas où les sommes des contributions du bailleur de fonds sont supérieures à ses promesses pour certaines années et inférieures pour d'autres.