The term "Aidspan donor score" was invented by Aidspan. It is expressed as the annual contribution as a percentage of the country's GNI. The scoring works as follows:

  • Donor score "A": % of GNI is equal to or greater than 0.010%
  • Donor score "B": % starts from 0.007% to less than 0.010%
  • Donor score "C": % starts from 0.004% to less than 0.007%
  • Donor score "D": % starts from 0.001% to less than 0.004%
  • Donor score "E": % is less than 0.001%
promesses de dons/Contribution
AnnéeTotal pledge ($)% change from previous yearTotal contribution ($)Pourcentage du total des contributionsEconomic classificationGNI ($)Contribution en % du RNBDonor score
2001-20029,835,000n/a9,835,000100.0 %
200311,161,43013.5%11,161,430100.0 %High140,818,284,4240.0079B
200412,299,00010.2%12,299,000100.0 %High166,481,251,5520.0074B
200516,753,50036.2%16,753,500100.0 %High182,504,663,5990.0092B
200620,416,90021.9%20,416,900100.0 %High202,978,296,3240.0101A
200727,016,70032.3%27,016,700100.0 %High233,948,809,1980.0115A
200837,246,68837.9%37,246,688100.0 %High238,148,527,9040.0156A
200938,679,3143.8%30,515,97778.9 %High196,036,399,0000.0156A
201042,159,9779.0%42,159,977100.0 %High185,117,880,7950.0228A
201412,813,500-69.6%12,813,500100.0 %High209,975,515,5130.0061C
201513,591,0006.1%00.0 %
201613,591,0000.0%00.0 %


  • Ireland’s 2007-2010 pledge amounting to EUR 90 million is being paid over a longer period of time. As part of this pledge, EUR 9.34 million were paid in 2011 but recorded under the 2010 contributed amount.
  • Les montants "pas encore décaissés" ne sont pas équivalents à "montants promis" moins "contributions effectives", dans les cas où les sommes des contributions du bailleur de fonds sont supérieures à ses promesses pour certaines années et inférieures pour d'autres.