The term "Aidspan donor score" was invented by Aidspan. It is expressed as the annual contribution as a percentage of the country's GNI. The scoring works as follows:

  • Donor score "A": % of GNI is equal to or greater than 0.010%
  • Donor score "B": % starts from 0.007% to less than 0.010%
  • Donor score "C": % starts from 0.004% to less than 0.007%
  • Donor score "D": % starts from 0.001% to less than 0.004%
  • Donor score "E": % is less than 0.001%
Pledge/Contribution broken down by year
YearTotal pledge ($)% change from previous yearTotal contribution ($)Contribution as % of pledgeEconomic classificationGNI ($)Contribution as % of GNIDonor score
2011250,000n/a250,000100.0 %Upper Middle12,076,698,2000.0021D
2012250,0000.0%250,000100.0 %Upper Middle12,498,988,8060.0020D
2013250,0000.0%250,000100.0 %Upper Middle12,846,344,5330.0019D
2014250,0000.0%250,000100.0 %Upper Middle13,316,351,7190.0019D
2015750,000200.0%750,000100.0 %


  • Amounts 'Not Yet Paid' will not equal 'Amount Pledged' less 'Amount Contributed', in instances where a donor has made contributions in excess of pledges for some years while not contributing the full pledge for other years.