Pledge/Contribution broken down by year
YearTotal pledge ($)% change from previous yearTotal contribution ($)Contribution as % of pledge
2011338,944n/a338,944100.0 %
2012423,52625.0%423,526100.0 %
2013748,36376.7%748,363100.0 %
2014144,124-80.7%144,124100.0 %
Later or Pledge Period to be Confirmed11,845,0438,118.6%00.0 %


  • The pledge is up to USD 13.5m (until 15 December 2015), depending on a successful fundraising campaign
  • Amounts 'Not Yet Paid' will not equal 'Amount Pledged' less 'Amount Contributed', in instances where a donor has made contributions in excess of pledges for some years while not contributing the full pledge for other years.