As COVID-19 takes hold in Africa, will the Global Fund adjust its application windows for 2020-2022 funding requests?

18 Mar 2020
Widespread travel and meeting restrictions inhibit adequate consultation in development of funding requests

Countries in the West and Central Africa region face major challenges in developing concept notes for their next Global Fund grant applications, in the context of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Figure 1: Mapping COVID-19 in Africa; image from 17 March 2020

Source: WHO website


Allocations increase of $780 million to West and Central Africa in 2020-2022 funding cycle will speed up progress towards achieving the Global Goals by 2030

26 Feb 2020
Level of funding pledged to countries demonstrates the Global Fund 's commitment to speed up progress towards ending epidemics by 2030


Changing the paradigm to end tuberculosis

20 Aug 2019
Community engagement to end TB in West and Central Africa

Fiscal agents reduce financial risks within Global Fund grants but do not build implementer capacity

30 Jul 2019
Concept is sound but ‘model’ could be improved

Fiscal agents have been part of the Global Fund Financial management system in countries with high or moderate fiduciary risks since 2012. According to the Global Fund Guidelines on Financial Risk Management, fiscal agents reduce financial risks originating from weak financial management of principal or sub-recipients of Global Fund grants.


Three multi-country initiatives were among grants approved by the Global Fund Board

28 Jan 2019
Two grants in the EECA and one in West and Central Africa were valued collectively at $24 million

Among the grants approved by the Global Fund Board on 21 December 2018 (see GFO article) were three multi-country grants. Two of the grants were for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA); the third was for West and Central Africa. (See table.)


Abidjan consultation focuses on challenges facing Global Fund CCMs

7 Nov 2017
Participants were not comfortable with the proposed concept of differentiated models for CCMs

The consultation in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire on the evolution of the country coordination mechanism (CCM) model provided a valuable opportunity for CCM members to share a dialogue among peers and with the Global Fund Secretariat. Participants took advantage of the opportunity to voice their concerns about the challenges they face in ensuring their CCMs function effectively.


Identifying and solving country-level impediments to full absorption of Global Fund money

19 Sep 2017
Roadblocks include inadequate human resource capacity, procurement difficulties and gaps is data collection and analysis

In raising concerns about the ability of countries to achieve full absorption of Global Fund grants, delegations from the African constituencies on the Global Fund Board pointed to a range of challenges they said need to be addressed, including several that consistently appear at the country level.


The ITP initiative expects to improve the performance of Global Fund grants in Niger

2 Nov 2016

As a result of Niger's participation in the ITP, the country is now seeing increased absorption rates of some grants. The country is one of those participating in the Global Fund’s Implementation Through Partnership (ITP) initiative on which a separate article in this issue here, provides a further description.


Donors and the Government of DRC have struggled to resolve the issue of salary incentives

1 Nov 2016
A transitional plan is currently in place

The Global Fund has been aware for at least the past six years that salary incentives paid to workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were problematic, but has struggled to find a way to move forward without them.


Les pays d'Afrique occidentale et centrale fixent de nouveaux objectifs ambitieux pour décembre 2017

9 Sep 2016
Les pays répondent aux problèmes d'absorption des financements et de mise en œuvre des subventions auxquels ils font face

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