How can the Global Fund finance innovation to improve health product supply chains in resource-limited settings?

9 Jul 2019

Access to medicines and quality health products to ensure healthy populations is a global issue. It is also a strategic issue (in financial terms through maintaining the industrial fabric, creating jobs, driving the race for innovation, and enhancing the attractiveness of producer countries) as well as a key political one (governments have a duty to provide accessible care to their citizens to ensure social stability).


Global Fund Secretariat and OIG report steady progress in the implementation of AMAs, but improvement still needed

28 May 2019
For the second year in a row, the Global Fund has reported an all-time low on open and overdue AMAs

The Global Fund has continued to make good progress in the implementation of Agreed Management Actions (AMAs), the jointly reached, time-bound ‘next steps’ that follow a country audit or investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). For the second year in a row, the Global Fund has reported an all-time low number of open and overdue AMAs, according to a joint progress report by the Global Fund Secretariat and the OIG.


Secretariat and OIG report steady progress on implementing Global Fund AMAs

6 Dec 2018
Overdue AMAs are at an all-time low since tracking began in 2014

Good progress has been made in implementing agreed management actions (AMAs), according to a progress report from the Secretariat and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The report was prepared for the Board meeting held on 14-15 November in Geneva.

The report presented data on the status of AMAs as of 31 August 2018. This article provides some of the report’s highlights.


First OIG audit of Niger’s Global Fund grants applauds progress and calls for improvements

2 Oct 2018
Fundamental gaps in supply chain and supervision are issues

In the first ‘routine’ audit by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of Global Fund grants to Niger, the OIG found that Niger has made “significant progress against the three diseases,” with the quality of all three disease programs having improved over the last two years despite a challenging operating environment.


OIG audit of Global Fund grants to Myanmar reveals gaps in service delivery and supply chain management despite good results in other areas

1 Oct 2018
Audit shows significant progress in program impact and financial management

Myanmar has made significant progress in its fight against HIV, TB and malaria, thanks in part to increased financial commitments from the government and initiatives to extend health care coverage. At the same time, there are gaps in service delivery and issues related to supply chain management.


Kenya successfully procures health commodities without using Global Fund’s pooled procurement

5 Sep 2018
Medical supplies authority obtains competitive prices that are often lower than international averages

The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) successfully procures and distributes government, Global Fund, and other donor-funded commodities. Prices obtained by KEMSA are competitive compared to prices obtained by the Global Fund’s Pooled Procurement Mechanism (PPM), stock-outs of health commodities occur rarely, if ever, commodities are delivered in a timely fashion, and inventory is properly managed at all stages of the supply chain.


OIG annual report says governments and partners are key to enabling the Global Fund to address quality of service issues

11 Jun 2018
The Fund, acting alone, cannot resolve these challenges

“There is often an asymmetry between the high level of accountability for impact that the Global Fund is generally held to and the sometimes low level of control that the organization has on many of the factors that drive such impact.”


Quality of service issues persist in Global Fund grants to government implementers in Tanzania: OIG

24 Apr 2018
Men who have sex with men continue to face problems accessing services

A follow-up audit of three grants to Tanzania has found that although Tanzania continues to make progress against the three diseases, quality of service issues persist, particularly in the HIV program. The audit also found that men who have sex with men (MSM) continue to face major barriers accessing services.


Global Fund Board approves an HIV grant for Guinea with the Ministry of Public Health as a new PR

7 Mar 2018
Grants to Guinea encounter many difficulties

Global Fund grants in Guinea are facing numerous challenges.


Follow-up audit of Global Fund grants to Nigeria shows significant improvements, OIG says

6 Mar 2018
But problems remain; and some mitigation measures need more time to become effective