Aspects of the Global Fund’s technical assistance and capacity building require “significant improvement”, says OIG

3 Jun 2020
The Secretariat does not adequately monitor technical assistance provided by multilateral partners, including some UN agencies.


OIG audit shows cost savings from Global Health Campus project exceed expectations

1 Apr 2020
Some governance, contract and asset-management issues need improvement

The first audit by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Global Health Campus (GHC) concludes that the ‘project’ of sharing both costs and risks among several global health partners has been more effective than originally anticipated.


The Global Fund forms partnership to find missing cases of TB

17 Oct 2017
The countries involved account for 55% of all missed cases of TB and multidrug-resistant TB

The Global Fund, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Stop TB Partnership and 13 countries with a high burden of TB have launched a program to find and treat an additional 1.5 million missing cases of TB by the end of 2019.


Le rapport du GFAN décrit « le coût de l’inaction »

9 Sep 2016
Ce sont les populations clés qui seront les plus affectées si l’objectif de reconstitution du Fonds mondial n’est pas atteint

GFAN report describes “The Cost of Inaction”

2 Aug 2016
Key populations will suffer the most if the Global Fund’s replenishment target is not met