Additional information on the decision not to approve extensions for HIV and TB grants to Bosnia and Hercegovina

16 Aug 2016
Secretariat is reviewing the impact on nine components that are no longer eligible for funding

In GFO #293, we reported that the Global Fund Board turned down a recommendation to provide additional funding for a TB grant and an HIV grant in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although to still do now know why the Board decided not to grant the additional funding, we now have additional information on what was being requested and why. As well, we are able to report on the reaction of the principal recipient (PR), UNDP.


La Moldavie, un exemple de transition de l'argent du Fonds mondial vers les OSC via le gouvernement, selon une étude de l'ONUSIDA

28 Jul 2016
Les gouvernements et les OSC discutent des mécanismes de sous-traitance des services aux OSC

Actuellement, plusieurs OSC nationales en Moldavie fournissent des services aux populations vulnérables clés, ainsi que les personnes vivant avec le VIH.

Исследование ЮНЭЙДС приводит Молдову в качестве примера распределения денег Глобального Фонда на ОГО через правительственные инстанции

18 Jul 2016
Правительства и ОГО обсуждают механизмы суб-конракта на сервисы ОГО

В настоящее время в Молдове существует несколько национальных ОГО, предоставляющих сервисы уязвимым и ключевым группам населения и людям, живущим с ВИЧ. Эти сервисы включают в себя психо-социальную поддержку, программную превенцию и снижение вреда.


UNAIDS study cites Moldova as an example of Global Fund money flowing through governments to CSOs

5 Jul 2016
Governments and CSOs discuss mechanisms to sub-contract services to CSOs

Currently there are several national CSOs in Moldova providing services to vulnerable and key populations and people living with HIV. These services include psychosocial support, prevention programming, and harm reduction. Funding for this work has come predominately from The Global Fund and has been administered by an NGO principal recipient, the Center for Health Policies and Studies.


Resources for the community response must increase if we are to meet our targets: UNAIDS

5 Jul 2016
Report reviews experiences of six countries where governments have allocated funding to CSOs
Civil society representative says that funding for key populations is still difficult to obtain

Resources for the community response will have to grow markedly over the coming years if ambitious treatment, prevention and human rights targets for HIV are to be achieved, according to a report published by UNAIDS.


If we want to end HIV, TB, and malaria, we need to do more to reduce human rights barriers

10 May 2016

A report recently released by UNAIDS indicated that with increased domestic and international investment, the HIV epidemic can be ended by 2030. That’s not the first time we have heard that message.


Кыргызстан осуществляет планирование переходного периода для программ по ТБ и ВИЧ

10 Mar 2016
Рабочая группа объединила представителей Глобального Фонда, правительства, гражданского общества и общин для работы над вопросами по переходу

Министерство Здравоохранения Кыргызстана сформировала мультидисциплинарную рабочую группу специалистов по планированию, координации и имплементации переходного периодадля программ по ТБ и ВИЧ. Группа уже укомплектована специалистами в сфере управления, закупок, общественного здравоохранения, а также по финансам. Также вовлечены представители организаций гражданского  общества (ОГО) и общин. Другие позиции будут добавлены позже.


Kyrgyzstan is implementing transition planning for TB and HIV

3 Mar 2016
A working group has brought together representatives from The Global Fund, government, civil society and communities to work on the transition

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan has formed a multi-disciplinary working group of specialists to plan, coordinate, and implement transition planning for TB and HIV. The group is already staffed by management, procurement, public health, and finance specialists. Representatives of civil society organizations and communities are also included. Other positions will be added.