Global Fund and Germany’s development agency train four countries on Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health

29 Jan 2020
Training aims to improve Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia’s upcoming RSSH funding requests

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, in collaboration with the German development agency GIZ’s Back-up Initiative, and the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH), trained representatives of Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zambia in grant writing for Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH).


Workshop prepares countries and consultants to apply for Global Fund malaria funding for the 2020-2022 cycle

28 Jan 2020
43 countries expected to submit malaria funding requests in the first two application windows


Global Fund pressures Democratic Republic of Congo, facing an Ebola epidemic, to fulfill its co-financing commitment

24 Sep 2019
Penalty for non-compliance “for no justifiable reasons” can reduce the grants by up to 15%

The Global Fund has requested the Democratic Republic of Congo to prove that the country has fulfilled its co-financing commitment, or in other words, that the State had spent about $44.6 million on health during the year 2018 as part of a commitment to spend about 98.9 million during this grant cycle, as agreed during grant signing; otherwise the DRC risks losing up to $80 million, representing 15% of the value of the grants.


Global Fund impact on building and strengthening a health system: The example of Rwanda

12 Aug 2019
Rwanda was quick to respond to the opportunity the Global Fund presented to strengthen its health system

The Global Fund has recognized the importance of health systems in the response to the three pandemics since its inception, but building resilient and sustainable systems for health became a strategic pillar in the Global Fund’s 2017-2022 strategy "Investing to End Epidemics".


Global Fund Head of Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health describes evolution in the approach to health systems strengthening

30 Jul 2019

Viviana Mangiaterra, Head of Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health at the Global Fund since 2014, spent most of her career working in the field of maternal and child health services at the WHO and later at the World Bank. Hired to conceptualize the Global Fund’s commitment to health system strengthening, she designed the tools and framework that underpin the RSSH pillar of the 2017–2020 strategy.


Le cadre de gestion et de suivi des investissements dans les systèmes de santé du Fonds mondial nécessite une nette amélioration, affirme le Bureau de l’Inspecteur général

11 Jun 2019
Les mesures d’atténuation des risques des activités consacrées aux systèmes de santé sont jugées « partiellement efficaces »


Global Fund Secretariat responds in part to evaluation and audit of its health system investments

11 Jun 2019
Secretariat has not yet offered responses on a few important issues

The Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG), the Technical Review Panel (TRP), and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), three Global Fund bodies that are independent of the Secretariat, have recently evaluated and audited the Global Fund investments in building “Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health” (RSSH), which make up 27% of all Global Fun


Global Fund’s management and framework for investments in health systems need significant improvement, OIG says

28 May 2019
Risk mitigation measures for health system activities deemed ‘partially effective’

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted the first audit of the Global Fund’s Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH) investments aiming “to provide reasonable assurance on the adequacy and effectiveness of Global Fund processes for the management of RSSH activities”.


Global Fund Board approves 26 catalytic funding priorities for 2020-2022

16 May 2019
A decision on budget awaits outcome of Sixth Replenishment pledging conference

The amount of funding set aside for catalytic investments for 2020-2022, the next allocation period; which catalytic priorities will be funded; and to what extent they will be funded, will all depend on how much money is available for allocation following the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment pledging conference in October 2019.


L’examen stratégique 2017 du Fonds mondial identifie des déficiences dans plusieurs domaines programmatiques, notamment les démarches différenciées, la capacité d’absorption et les transitions

9 Apr 2019
Le rapport final, publié en février 2019, conclut que le Fonds mondial met en œuvre de manière efficace les plans stratégiques

Un rapport préparé fin 2017 – mais publié en février 2019 seulement – est le résultat final d’un examen stratégique réalisé par le Groupe technique de référence en évaluation sur la manière dont le Fonds mondial a mis en œuvre, et continuera de le faire, ses plans stratégiques.