Missed AIDS 2018? GFO curates some of the best overviews, opinions, and resources

4 Sep 2018
Conference program, summaries and a variety of articles are cataloged

The 22nd International AIDS Conference took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 23 to 27 July 2018. A selection of topics emanating from the conference, which is referred to as ‘AIDS 2018,’ have already been reported by GFO (see list below). Many other organizations also covered and participated in the conference, and they have produced a wealth of interesting and useful articles and resources related to AIDS 2018.


Resources for applicants posted on Global Fund website

30 Jan 2017

A new 81-page Modular Framework Handbook is one of many resources available to applicants on the Global Fund website.


If we want to end HIV, TB, and malaria, we need to do more to reduce human rights barriers

10 May 2016

A report recently released by UNAIDS indicated that with increased domestic and international investment, the HIV epidemic can be ended by 2030. That’s not the first time we have heard that message.


New Strategy calls for increased resources and a broadening of the donor base

10 May 2016
The Fund will also promote greater domestic investment

The Global Fund’s new Strategy calls for the Fund to mobilize increased resources, to diversify its donor base, and to promote greater domestic investment in the fight against the diseases.

The Board adopted the new Strategy at its meeting in Abidjan on 26-27 April (see GFO article.)