L'augmentation des investissements nationaux et la participation des communautés sont essentielles pour soutenir la lutte contre le VIH/sida, selon les débats à ICASA

22 Jan 2020
Les pays doivent également intensifier les efforts de prévention du VIH et renforcer le rôle des communautés


Increased domestic investments and community involvement vital to sustaining HIV/AIDS response, African conference hears

14 Jan 2020
Countries also need to step up HIV prevention efforts, and enhance the role of communities


Peter Sands appelle à une augmentation des investissements nationaux lors de la réunion de l'ICASA au Rwanda

30 Dec 2019
Le Directeur général du Fonds mondial met les pays au défi de mobiliser 48 % des ressources pour ces trois maladies

Peter Sands, Directeur général du Fonds mondial, a appelé les pays partenaires de la région africaine à accroître les investissements nationaux en faveur de ces trois maladies, lors de la 20e Conférence internationale sur le sida et les infections sexuellement transmissibles en Afrique (ICASA) qui s'est tenue à Kigali, Rwanda du 2 au 7 décembre.


Global Fund Executive Director calls for increased domestic investments in health at ICASA meeting in Rwanda

17 Dec 2019
Peter Sands challenges countries to raise resources for the three diseases by 48%

Peter Sands, the Executive Director of the Global Fund, called on implementing countries in the African region to increase domestic investments towards the three diseases, at the 20th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA) held in Kigali, Rwanda from 2 to 7 December. The conference’s main theme was an AIDS-free Africa through innovation, communities and political leadership.


Après 20 mois de direction, Peter Sands, directeur exécutif du Fonds mondial, se tourne vers l'avenir

5 Dec 2019
TK Investment Case, réunion préparatoire TKT se concentre sur la mise à jour au Conseil


After 20 months in office, Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands looks back - and optimistically forward

16 Nov 2019
Priorities for 2020 include sustainability and transition, CCM evolution, removing in-country legal and human-rights barriers

In his second annual report to the Global Fund Board since taking office in early 2019, Peter Sands began his address to the meeting by hailing the recent success of the Sixth Replenishment Conference in Lyon, where the Fund raised $14 billion.


Global Fund Sixth Replenishment achieves $14-billion target, largest amount ever raised for a multilateral health organization

11 Oct 2019
Last $100 million to be committed within the Replenishment period, leadership promises

The Global Fund has effectively reached its target of “at least $14 billion” for its Sixth Replenishment, the largest amount ever raised for a multilateral health organization. Many donors, spurred by President Emmanuel Macron’s stirring appeal to end injustice and inequality, topped up their pledges with last-minute increases, and several new donors from all sectors came to the table.


Le rôle du Fonds mondial pour la réalisation de la couverture sanitaire universelle sur le devant de la scène lors de l'Assemblée générale de l'ONU

5 Oct 2019
En amont de la première réunion de haut niveau sur la CSU lors de l'AG de l’ONU, les discussions sur la façon dont les institutions multilatérales telles que le Fonds mondial s'inscrivent dans un système de couverture universelle prennent de l’importance


Global Fund role in attaining Universal Health Coverage will be in focus at UN General Assembly

10 Sep 2019
Ahead of the first High-Level Meeting on UHC at the UNGA, discussions about how multilaterals such as the Global Fund fit within a system of universal coverage become more prominent

With a High-Level Meeting on universal health coverage (UHC) scheduled for 23 September 2019, the day before the United Nations General Assembly begins, the United Nations could intensify the global movement toward a health-systems approach offering comprehensive basic coverage that is funded by domestic governments.


OIG’s follow-up audit of Global Fund grants to Democratic Republic of Congo highlights need to improve stock management and data quality

31 Jul 2019
Progress noted especially in HIV treatment coverage and decline in malaria mortality

A new Office of the Inspector General (OIG) audit of Global Fund grants in the Democratic Republic of Congo acknowledges successes across the three diseases achieved under extraordinarily challenging circumstances, but also highlights stockouts or insufficient stocks of health commodities, data inaccuracies relating to people living with HIV,