Global Fund pushes back on claims of overdependence on select suppliers of ARVs

17 Apr 2017
Buyers had been warned to diversify the manufacturing base or risk supply interruptions

The Global Fund, one of the main purchasers of generic antiretroviral (ARV) medicines for HIV patients in low- and middle-income countries, has dismissed concerns that the limited number of manufacturers tapped to supply these drugs could result in immediate or future shortages. Fund officials said systems are in place to forecast demand, deal with any supply disruptions and increase production to meet future need.


Une nouvelle Stratégie avec deux points focaux: les pays durement touchés à faible revenu et les populations vulnérables

9 May 2016

« Des approches novatrices pour répondre aux besoins variés des pays sont essentielles pour accélérer la fin de l'épidémie. » C’est le slogan du Fonds mondial pour décrire le premier objectif de sa nouvelle Stratégie : Obtenir un impact maximal contre le VIH, la tuberculose et le paludisme.


New Strategy has a dual focus on high burden/low income countries and vulnerable populations

27 Apr 2016

“Innovative approaches to meet diverse country needs are essential to accelerate the end of the epidemic.” This is the catch phrase The Global Fund uses to describe the first objective in its new Strategy: Maximize impact against HIV, TB, and malaria.