Kenya Red Cross Society has been a successful Global Fund PR

7 Mar 2018
Supportive leadership, effective support for its SRs are among the reasons why

The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) has been a successful principal recipient (PR) for an HIV grant (KEN-H-KRCS) entitled “The road towards an HIV free society” based on the ratings of the grant over the years.


Le Secrétariat du Fonds mondial informe le Conseil d'administration sur les résultats des consultations régionales sur les ICN

22 Nov 2017
Trois niveaux de maturité des ICN identifiés : gouvernance de base, suivi stratégique des programmes et engagement stratégique

Global Fund Secretariat briefs the Board on outcomes of regional consultations on CCMs

16 Nov 2017
Three CCM maturity levels identified: Basic Governance, Program Oversight and Strategic Engagement

Going into the regional consultations on country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs), the Global Fund was proposing to adopt a differentiated approach to the role and structure of CCMs. They said that instead of having one standard model for all countries, as at present, there should be several models based on country size and operational context.


Un rapport appel à un financement complet du Fonds mondial et un accent mis au leadership des réseaux des populations clés

5 Aug 2016
Le Rapport se fonde sur une note de plaidoyer publiée plus tôt

Atteindre les objectifs de développement durable (ODD) exige non seulement un Fonds mondial entièrement financé, mais aussi une approche qui met fortement l'accent sur ​​le leadership des réseaux de populations clé


Report calls for a fully funded Global Fund and a focus on the leadership of networks of key populations

18 Jul 2016
Report builds on advocacy brief released earlier

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires not only a fully funded Global Fund, but also an approach that focuses strongly on the leadership of networks of key and vulnerable populations to deliver results.