The Global Fund on track to achieve most of its targets for 2017–2019

15 May 2020
Four of the twelve KPIs are underperforming


Global Fund has achieved generally positive results against its performance targets, report to 41st Board says

16 May 2019
Absorptive capacity improved; number of new infections and cases is one area needing improvement

The Global Fund has achieved generally positive results against its key performance indicator (KPI) targets, according to a report on strategic performance prepared for the Board meeting on 15-16 May.


Board approves final targets for the 2017-2022 KPI Framework

15 Nov 2017
Three targets that had been outstanding have now been set; two others requiring post-2017 targets have also been approved

Almost all of the targets for the 2017-2022 Strategic Key Performance Indicator Framework have now been approved, locking in place the full set of targets that the Global Fund will measure its work against for the next few years.


Global Fund’s final KPI data for 2016 show mostly good results

4 May 2017
Ten targets were achieved or surpassed; four were not met; and one looks unlikely to be reached

The end-2016 data on the Global Fund’s corporate key performance indicators (KPIs) show good results for most of the KPIs, including two where the Fund showed particularly strong performance. The targets for 10 of the 15 KPIs were achieved or surpassed. The targets for four KPIs were not met, and it appears the Fund will not achieve parts of the target for a fifth KPI.


Board approves new targets for the 2017-2022 Strategic KPI Framework

4 Apr 2017
Interim targets agreed for two KPIs, and the setting of three targets delayed until the final Board meeting of this year

After a months-long review process involving a number of bodies within the Global Fund, the Board has approved 29 of the 37 targets it declined to accept at its last meeting, revising just five targets, and postponing approval of three targets until later this year. The decision was taken on 20 March by electronic vote.

See the table at the end of this article for a summary of the 2017-2022 KPI targets.


HIV prevention advocates push Global Fund for more expenditure data

12 Feb 2017
In bid to improve lobbying efforts, activists look for more information on how much money goes to prevention activities

The Global Fund has pledged to re-energize HIV prevention and, in line with that commitment, civil society groups are calling on the Fund to offer more explicit data on how much it spends on these efforts. That includes not only overall expenditure data, but also granular information, like spending at a country level and spending on specific interventions.


Main decisions made at Board meeting

18 Nov 2016

On 16-17 November 2016, the Global Fund Board held its 36th meeting in Montreux, Switzerland. GFO was present, with observer status.


KPI results for 2014-2016 show mostly strong results

18 Nov 2016
Four targets are at risk of not being met, but 10 indicators delivered positive results

The Global Fund is on track to not just meet, but surpassed its target for the number of infections it averted between 2012 and 2016, according to the mid-year KPI results presented to the Board this week. This is one of 10 areas in which he organisation’s targets are on track, but four of the performance measures are below expectation or are at risk of not being met.


Global Fund Board approves new framework to monitor the Fund’s performance

21 Jun 2016
New strategic indicators form the top level of a three-tier framework

On 15 June, The Global Fund Board adopted a new key performance indicator (KPI) framework to track how well the Fund is meeting the aims of its 2017-2022 strategy.

The framework consists of three tiers, the top one of which consists of 12 strategic KPIs. The second and third tiers consist of implementation KPIs and thematic reporting, respectively (see figure). Collectively, the three tiers constitute a complex monitoring system.


Explanation of The Global Fund’s new strategic KPIs

21 Jun 2016
New strategic indicators form the top level of a three-tier framework

When, on 15 June, The Global Fund Board adopted a new key performance indicator (KPI) framework (see GFO article in this issue), it also approved 12 strategic KPIs. The strategic KPIs form the top tier of a three-tiered framework. This article contains a description of the strategic KPIs.