Global Fund’s Differentiation for Impact project only partially effective, OIG says

29 Jan 2019
“Significant improvement” needed in efforts to streamline oversight of small-allocation and low-disease-burden grants

Despite a 2016 strategic initiative to reallocate Secretariat staff for countries with smaller (Focused) portfolios to countries with larger (Core or High Impact) portfolios, and to reduce the administrative burden on Focused portfolios, “grant management processes and procedures in Focused portfolios remain largely the same” as for the larger portfolios.


Funding requests to the Global Fund need a stronger focus on integrated service delivery, TRP says

28 Jan 2019
“TB and HIV disease programs still tend to operate through vertically implemented activities”

According to the Technical Review Panel (TRP), integration, both across the three diseases as well as more broadly to other health services such as RMNCAH (reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health) –– a priority articulated in the Global Fund Strategy 2017–2022 –– is lacking in funding requests.


Global Fund’s final KPI data for 2016 show mostly good results

4 May 2017
Ten targets were achieved or surpassed; four were not met; and one looks unlikely to be reached

The end-2016 data on the Global Fund’s corporate key performance indicators (KPIs) show good results for most of the KPIs, including two where the Fund showed particularly strong performance. The targets for 10 of the 15 KPIs were achieved or surpassed. The targets for four KPIs were not met, and it appears the Fund will not achieve parts of the target for a fifth KPI.


Board approves new targets for the 2017-2022 Strategic KPI Framework

4 Apr 2017
Interim targets agreed for two KPIs, and the setting of three targets delayed until the final Board meeting of this year

After a months-long review process involving a number of bodies within the Global Fund, the Board has approved 29 of the 37 targets it declined to accept at its last meeting, revising just five targets, and postponing approval of three targets until later this year. The decision was taken on 20 March by electronic vote.

See the table at the end of this article for a summary of the 2017-2022 KPI targets.


Resources for applicants posted on Global Fund website

30 Jan 2017

A new 81-page Modular Framework Handbook is one of many resources available to applicants on the Global Fund website.


Concerns raised about the process for designing the KPI framework and setting the targets

17 Jan 2017
After some delays, revised targets are expected to be presented to the Board in March

Since the Global Fund established key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets several years ago, they have been challenging for the Secretariat to generate, update and report on. They have also been challenging for the Board to oversee.


African heads of state adopt scorecard on domestic financing for health

6 Sep 2016
Scorecard will help plan and monitor health spending

“The dwindling and unpredictability of development assistance compels Africa to look inwards for domestic resources for the care of her people. Africa will need to mobilize internal resources for the promotion of her health.”


Global Fund Board to review progress towards meeting KPI targets at November meeting

2 Nov 2015
The KPIs have been modified several times since they were introduced a decade ago

Detailed assessments of how well the Global Fund has performed against 13 key performance indicators will be presented to the Fund’s Board at its 34th meeting on 16-17 November. The Board will also review the 2016 performance targets for 10 of the indicators, and one additional sub-indicator that measures the efficiency of the Fund’s investment decisions.