Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter Sands outlines the importance of the Global Fund

16 May 2020
The Executive Director shared the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis and how it affects and will influence the reflection on the next strategy.

In keeping with tradition, Peter Sands opened discussions at this 43rd meeting of the Global Fund Board. Held virtually with a lighter agenda, this meeting was above all an opportunity to look back at the unprecedented global health crisis the world is currently facing and how the Global Fund has responded to prevent the very serious effects anticipated.


Incoming Executive Director Peter Sands spells out some directions for the Global Fund

20 Feb 2018
"Under my leadership, the Global Fund will take a big picture view of its mission"

Peter Sands is not expected to take up his new duties as the Executive Director of the Global Fund until mid-March, but he has already been in the public eye through interviews he has given to the media and a speech he made at an international conference. And he has been raising issues that suggest that he may be getting ready to take the Global Fund in some new directions.