Global Fund gets high marks in study of efforts of global health organizations to promote gender equality

3 Apr 2018
Only 40% of the 140 organizations studied mentioned gender in their program and strategy documents



Gender strategy and equality; ending TB; and measuring homophobia

20 Mar 2018

Below, we provide information on four items that we believe will interest our readers.

The Gates Foundation launches $170M gender strategy


Global Fund releases new results report

19 Sep 2017
The Fund is hoping to raise an additional $500 million before the next replenishment conference

Update on the implementation of the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022

4 May 2017
Report describes progress for each strategic objective and sub-objective

A report prepared for the Board meeting on 3-4 May in Kigali, Rwanda, provided an update on the implementation of the objectives and sub-objectives from the Global Fund’s 2017-2022 Strategy. For each sub-objective, the report described the progress achieved to date, as well as key challenges and risks, and future plans.


Global Fund steps up investments in women and girls

28 Jan 2017
$55 million in catalytic funding is available to support HIV programmes among adolescent girls and young women in 13 countries

For the first time, gender equality is included as a top-line strategic objective in the Global Fund’s Strategy (2017-2022). HIV prevention among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in sub-Saharan Africa will be a strong focus for the Global Fund in the coming funding cycle (2017-2019).


Le Fonds mondial publie un rapport d'étape sur ses plans d'action en matière d’égalité de genre et en faveur des populations clés

9 Sep 2016
« Il y a des signes clairs de progrès, mais des défis doivent être relevés. »



Global Fund rolls out Strategic Actions for Gender Equality Initiative

5 Sep 2016
Increased investments and enhanced capacity to address gender inequality

As part of its new strategy for 2017-2022, the Global Fund has placed increased emphasis on rights and gender. One of the four strategic objectives focuses directly on promoting and protecting human rights and gender equality, aiming to scale up programs to support women and girls (including programs to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights) and invest to reduce health inequities (including gender and age-related disparities).


The Global Fund releases a progress report on its gender equality and key population action plans

28 Jul 2016
“There are clear signs of progress, but challenges must be addressed”

The Global Fund is poised at a critical and exciting juncture in the evolution of its work on gender quality and key populations. But if a range of fundamental challenges go unaddressed, further progress will be severely limited. This was the conclusion of a report released last week by the Community, Rights, and Gender (CRG) Department at the Global Fund. 


L’orientation stratégique sur les droits et l'égalité de genre dans la nouvelle stratégie considérée comme essentielle pour étendre la couverture des populations clés et vulnérables

31 May 2016

L'accent mis sur les droits de l’Homme et l'égalité de genre est au centre de la nouvelle stratégie du Fonds mondial pour 2017-2022.


Les questions liées aux communautés, aux droits et au genre ont une visibilité accrue mais démontrer leur impact reste un défi

23 May 2016
Les questions CGR ont reçu un appui majeur dans la nouvelle stratégie 2017-2022 du Fonds

Le Fonds mondial a réussi à sensibiliser à l'importance des questions liées aux communautés, aux droits et au genre (CRG) et à promouvoir l'inclusion des questions CRG dans les dialogues au niveau des pays et dans les notes conceptuelles. Cependant, le défi est maintenant de traduire ces avancées en impact des programmes sur le terrain.