“The TRP is still reviewing a number of gender-blind funding requests”

24 Jun 2020
Gender mainstreaming is still too timid in funding requests, jeopardizing the impact of Global Fund investments

The country dialogue process and the preparation of funding requests is either underway or complete in most Global Fund recipient countries. This article looks at whether gender is being considered in country discussions and how these discussions translate into differentiated needs and approaches in funding requests.


As COVID-19 takes hold in Africa, will the Global Fund adjust its application windows for 2020-2022 funding requests?

18 Mar 2020
Widespread travel and meeting restrictions inhibit adequate consultation in development of funding requests

Countries in the West and Central Africa region face major challenges in developing concept notes for their next Global Fund grant applications, in the context of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Figure 1: Mapping COVID-19 in Africa; image from 17 March 2020

Source: WHO website


Allocations increase of $780 million to West and Central Africa in 2020-2022 funding cycle will speed up progress towards achieving the Global Goals by 2030

26 Feb 2020
Level of funding pledged to countries demonstrates the Global Fund 's commitment to speed up progress towards ending epidemics by 2030


Global Fund grants already recommended by the TRP represent 88% of the $10.3 billion available for countries for 2017–2019

19 Mar 2018
Window 4 closed in February; two more windows to come

Two-thirds of the expected funding requests for 2017–2019 have already been received. The Technical Review Panel has already recommended grants from these funding requests worth 88% of the $10.3 billion allocated to countries.

Meanwhile, the Global Fund’s survey of participants has found that most people rate the experience of applying in this funding cycle Good or Very Good.


Update on funding requests, grant approvals and other funding modalities

12 Dec 2017
To date, the Board has approved grants representing 83% of the total allocation for 2017-2019

Global Fund Board approves a second batch of grants for 2017-2019

28 Nov 2017
Twenty funding requests yielded 32 grants

Gearing up for transition from Global Fund support: a primer

6 Nov 2017
We list the countries that are currently in transition or are at the transition preparedness stage

The Global Fund’s approach to supporting sustainability and transition is based on the central premise that planning for sustainability is something that should be taken into account by all countries regardless of where they sit on the development continuum. 


Global Fund Board approves grants totaling more than $2 billion

17 Oct 2017
Thirty-two funding requests were processed in less than seven months

TRP review of Global Fund Window 1 funding requests: Human rights and gender, and RSSH

16 May 2017
Non-traditional vulnerable populations overlooked

When people think about key populations in the context of the Global Fund, they tend to think about the ones that are mentioned most often – such as sex workers, transgender people, people who inject drugs, and men who have sex with men.


TRP review of Global Fund Window 1 funding requests: Technical lessons learned for malaria, TB and HIV

16 May 2017
TB funding requests lacked a sense of boldness, innovation and ambition

TB funding requests did not convey a sense of boldness, innovation or ambition in the setting of targets or in the design of interventions, to quickly “move the needle.” This was one of many technical lessons learned identified by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) in a debriefing document which describes the outcomes of its review of funding requests from Window 1 of the current funding cycle.