Identifying and solving country-level impediments to full absorption of Global Fund money

19 Sep 2017
Roadblocks include inadequate human resource capacity, procurement difficulties and gaps is data collection and analysis

In raising concerns about the ability of countries to achieve full absorption of Global Fund grants, delegations from the African constituencies on the Global Fund Board pointed to a range of challenges they said need to be addressed, including several that consistently appear at the country level.


Les préoccupations récurrentes du Fonds mondial sur les risques et les performances des subventions du portefeuille du Nigéria

5 May 2016
Les décaissements pour les subventions VIH et paludisme temporairement suspendus

Comme c’est souvent le cas lors des réunions du Conseil d’administration, un sujet qui n’était pas au programme officiel était de toutes les discussions de couloir. Lors de la dernière réunion, c’est la méthodologie d’allocation. Cette fois-ci, ce sont les préoccupations concernant les performances des subventions au Nigéria.


Global Fund wrestles with concerns about grant performance and risks in the Nigeria portfolio

27 Apr 2016
Disbursements for HIV and malaria grants temporarily suspended

As happens at many Board meetings, a topic that was not on the official agenda was prominent in corridor discussions. Last meeting it was the allocations methodology. This meeting it was concerns about the performance of grants to Nigeria.


After months of delay, the framework agreement for grants to Pakistan is set to be signed

18 Feb 2016
Existing grants have been extended to ensure that disbursements are not interrupted

After a delay of about six months, the framework agreement for Global Fund grants to Pakistan is set to be signed the week of 22 February.

Under the new funding model, each country signs a framework agreement which spells out the terms and conditions for all grants to that country. Then, separate grant confirmation forms are signed for each grant for which The Global Fund Board has approved funding.