Identifying Secretariat-level impediments to full absorption of Global Fund grant money

3 Oct 2017
Identified roadblocks include conditions precedent and management actions, and policies regarding fixed vs. variable payments and country categorization

According to representatives from the sub-Saharan Africa delegations to the Board, issues at the level of the Global Fund Secretariat contribute to the problems many countries experience with respect to fully absorbing grants. Representatives of the Secretariat respond that they are aware of the concerns the delegations are raising, but point to a need to balance swift disbursements with proper controls.


Six African countries classified as challenging operating environments craft tailored funding requests to the Global Fund

13 Jun 2017
Civil wars, famines and post-Ebola realities require flexible approaches

Challenging operating environments (COEs) are countries or sub-regions of countries that the Global Fund characterizes as having weak governance, poor access to health services, manmade crises (such as conflict) or natural crises (such as famine).


La gestion des subventions dans les pays à haut risque nécessite une nette amélioration selon le BIG

21 Feb 2017
La conception et la mise en œuvre de mesures additionnelles pour gérer ces subventions sont imparfaites, selon le BIG

Les mesures prises par le Fonds mondial pour gérer les subventions dans les environnements à risque élevé sont inadéquates.


Significant improvement required in grant management in high-risk countries: OIG

31 Jan 2017
Both the design and implementation of additional measures to manage these grants are imperfect, the OIG says

Measures taken by the Global Fund to manage grants in high-risk environments are inadequate. This is the central conclusion of an audit performed by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in 2016. A report on the audit was released on 23 January 2017.