Global Fund CCM Evolution pilot has enhanced CCM oversight and linkages, Secretariat says

16 Nov 2019
Decision allows governments and non-government development organizations in Global Fund-eligible and -transitioned countries to use the online procurement tool

Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) that took part in the CCM Evolution pilot have demonstrated an enhanced capacity to oversee grants and engage with other national structures and coordination platforms, according to a Secretariat report to the Board, at the Global Fund  Board meeting held on 14-15 November.


Are Country Coordinating Mechanisms a modus operandum, a governance ideal or a tool for countries to progress towards universal health coverage?

5 Nov 2019
A reflection on the need to review the CCM model and better adapt it to a country’s reality and objectives

When the Global Fund was born...


Country Coordinating Mechanisms will see some changes by the end of 2019

23 Sep 2019
New CCM Hub Manager Emily Hughes talks about CCM evolution

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Les Instances de Coordination Nationale (ICN) – élément essentiel ou éléphant blanc ?

13 Sep 2019

Derrière la définition du Fonds mondial très utilitaire de l’ICN ("Instance de Coordination Nationale") se cache une réalité fort complexe.


L’actualité relative aux ICN sera chargée d’ici la fin de l’année 2019 : Emily Hughes, nouvelle responsable du CCM Hub, répond aux questions d’Aidspan

13 Sep 2019
« Les ICN étaient au cœur du document-cadre de 2001 qui a créé le Fonds mondial, elles constituent toujours un élément essentiel du modèle et de la stratégie du Fonds mondial pour investir dans la lutte contre les épidémies".

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Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism evolution initiative: Mid-term lessons from Tanzania, Niger, Uganda and Burundi

16 Apr 2019
Mid-point results mixed, suggest room for improvement in implementation

The Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) evolution initiative aims to strengthen CCMs’ performance in four areas: their internal functioning, oversight of the grants, engagement between the CCM and its constituency members, and linkages with other national governance bodies.


Global Fund country coordinating mechanisms are good; they could be better

19 Mar 2019
CCM potential could be fulfilled by strengthening leadership, representation and integration


Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism aspires to become best-practice model for Global Fund's CCM evolution initiative

2 Oct 2018
18 pilot countries are included in the first phase of the Global Fund’s “evolution approach”

When the Global Fund Secretariat, through its CCM Evolution project, invited embers of the Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism (TNCM) to stakeholder consultations in 2017, it captured the attention of TNCM stakeholders.


Global Fund Board approves CCM Evolution initiative at an intermediate level of ambition but with a phased-in approach

12 May 2018
Budget of $3.85 million approved for 2018–2019

The Global Fund Board has approved implementation of a CCM Evolution initiative at an intermediate level of ambition. However, the Board has opted for a phased-in approach. It approved $3.85 million to cover costs in the balance of this year and in 2019. During the phase-in, 16 CCMs will be targeted.