Suivi des investissements du Fonds mondial dans les programmes relatifs aux droits humains

5 Aug 2016

Dans un commentaire publié récemment dans la version anglaise de l’OFM, Ralf Jürgens, coordonnateur principal des droits humains du Fonds mondial, a attiré l’attention sur la nécessité d'accroître l'investissement du Fonds mondial dans les programmes qui réduisent les obstacles liés


Tracking Global Fund investments in human rights programs

13 Jul 2016

In a recent GFO commentary, Ralf Jürgens, Senior Human Rights Coordinator at the Global Fund, flagged the need for increased Global Fund investment in programs which reduce human rights barriers to HIV, TB, and malaria services.


If we want to end HIV, TB, and malaria, we need to do more to reduce human rights barriers

10 May 2016

A report recently released by UNAIDS indicated that with increased domestic and international investment, the HIV epidemic can be ended by 2030. That’s not the first time we have heard that message.