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Board Amendments to the 2023-2028 Key Performance Indicator Framework
GFO Issue 431

Board Amendments to the 2023-2028 Key Performance Indicator Framework



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The approved KPIs represent real challenges for achievement

At the Global Fund’s 49th Board meeting, the Board discussed and approved amendments to the Key Performance Indicator Frameworks. Our article covers the paper discussed at the Board and provides feedback from stakeholders. It is worth emphasising that the impact targets, discussed in this article, are a shared responsibility between countries, communities, donors, technical partners, the Global Fund and others.


Readers may remember that the 2023-2028 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Framework was approved by Board in November 2022 see our article on this here). However, at that time targets and KPIs for Impact and Human Rights could not be presented due to the unavailability of data on Global Fund funding or on recent burden estimates. These have since become available and proposed KPIs were duly presented to the Board for approval. 

The targets presented were:

  • Impact Targets KPIs I1 & I2 (mortality rate and incidence rate) 
  • Human Tights Target for KPI E1 (human rights)

Further updates were also made with material adjustments to two KPIs (change in number of priority countries for adolescent girls and young women in KPI H5, a correction of the typo to threshold for KPI R2) as well as clarifications in language and presentation. Timely adoption of these updates is needed to start effectively monitoring the 2023-2028 Strategy.

To use the Board’s limited time more efficiently, a proposal was tabled to delegate authority to approve non-material KPI updates to the Secretariat (in consultation with the leadership of relevant Board Committees).

We do not normally include annexes in our articles but, to make it easier for readers who are not familiar with the KPIs, on this occasion we attach a full list of the KPIs at Annex A.

KPIs fit into the wider M&E framework

Collectively, information coming through the four components of the M&E Framework provides a comprehensive picture of progress towards achieving the Strategy outcomes and on how well the Global Fund is delivering on its mandate.

Information for Board oversight will rely not only on regular KPI reporting but also on complementary insights drawn from the rest of the M&E Framework. 

Figure 1. KPI Placement within the M&E Framework

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Impact Targets (KPIs I1 & I2)

The impact targets under discussion were based on three distinct circumstances described in Figure 2.

Figure 2. The three scenarios forming the basis for the Impact Targets (KPIs I1 & I2)