Gavi and the Global Fund: Collaborating for impact and efficiency

11 Jun 2018
Sharing knowledge and coordinating political advocacy are two of the areas on which the organizations work together

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) and the Global Fund have been collaborating at the program level for many years. Their collaboration will intensify now that the headquarters of both organizations are relocating to the Global Health Campus (GHC) in Geneva.


Report of the Global Fund’s Interim E.D. touches on AMAs, supply chain management and other topics

15 Nov 2017
Marijke Wijnroks calls for more realistic targets and deliverables for AMAs

“We need to work with the OIG more on AMAs [agreed management actions] to try to make the timelines and deliverables more realistic,” Marijke Wijnroks says in her progress report to the Board.


Global Fund and other health financing mechanisms: synergy, duplication and distinction, Part 2

30 May 2017

In an article in GFO 305, we reviewed some of the similarities among the biggest global health financing mechanisms: the Global Fund, the World Bank’s Global Financing Facility in Support of Every Woman Every Child (GFF),


Les réductions budgétaires proposées par Trump n’affectent pas le Fonds mondial

11 Apr 2017
PEPFAR, GAVI et l’Initiative présidentielle pour lutter contre le paludisme également épargnés
Néanmoins, d’autres réductions nuiront à la lutte contre le VIH, la tuberculose et le paludisme

Les États-Unis tiendront leurs promesses vis-à-vis du Fonds mondial, c’est ce qui ressort de l’ébauche de budget que le Président Trump a envoyée au Congrès en mars. Lors de la dernière reconstitution des ressources du Fonds mondial, les États-Unis de l’administration Obama ont promis 4,3 milliards de dollars pour la période 2017/2019, soit 1,43 milliard par an.


Global Fund untouched by Trump’s proposed budget cuts

3 Apr 2017
PEPFAR, Gavi and the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative also spared
However, other cuts will hurt the fight against HIV, TB and malaria

The United States will meet its commitment to the Global Fund, according to the budget blueprint which President Donald Trump sent to Congress in March. During the most recent replenishment drive for the Global Fund, the U.S., under the Obama administration, pledged $4.3 billion for 2017-2019, or $1.43 billion a year.


Global health financing mechanisms: synergy, duplication and distinction

12 Feb 2017
The strategic objectives, recipients and donors of four major multilateral health financing mechanisms have a lot in common. Is it too much?

Global Fund has no immediate plans to promote the inclusion of the new malaria vaccine in the programs it supports

3 Nov 2015
There are concerns about whether the vaccine can be effectively implemented

For now, the Global Fund has no plans to promote the inclusion of the new malaria vaccine, “RTS,S”, into the malaria programming it supports. Although the vaccine shows promise, there are concerns about how it can be effectively administered.


Correction and Clarification

18 May 2010

Correction: On two occasions in GFO 122, we spelled out what GAVI stands for. On one occasion, we got it right ("Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation.") On the other occasion, we got it very wrong ("Global AIDS Vaccine Alliance.") Our apologies not only to GAVI, but also to IAVI ("International AIDS Vaccine Initiative").


Global Fund Board Approves Two Health Systems Funding Platform Projects

4 May 2010

As mentioned in Article 2, the Global Fund and the Global AIDS Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) will develop a joint proposal form for cross-cutting health systems strengthening (HSS) activities in time for use in Round 11.


Global Fund Pursues Discussions with GAVI and World Bank on Joint Funding of HSS

11 Mar 2010

The Global Fund is in discussions with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) and the World Bank concerning the creation of a common platform for jointly funding health systems strengthening (HSS). For countries, a jointly funded HSS mechanism would mean simplified access to HSS funding, better alignment of financing to national HSS-related strategies, and reduced transaction costs.

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