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Board Committee Highlights Lessons Learned from OIG Audits

27 May 2010

A Global Fund Board committee has concluded that reports from the Fund's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reveal a clear lack of focus by certain PRs on building the long-term capacity of national systems. The committee said that this is something that needs to be more fully addressed through the Global Fund's policies and grant oversight.


Applicants Can Submit a Consolidated Proposal in Round 10

21 May 2010

As mentioned in Article 1, Round 10 applicants have the option of submitting a consolidated proposal, instead of a regular proposal, if they are eligible and ready to transition to a single stream of funding.


Global Fund Guidance Paper on CCM Oversight Misses the Mark

24 Oct 2008

The role of the CCM in overseeing the implementation of grants is not well understood by most CCMs. As a result, CCM oversight is not working in most countries.


Global Fund Grants with Multiple Principal Recipients

14 Mar 2008

The announcement by the Global Fund that starting with Round 8, it recommends dual-track financing (in which there are one or more PRs from the government sector and one or more from the various non-government sectors) throws increased attention on the need, and the possibilities, for PRs from NGOs, FBOs and the private sector.


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