Global Fund Releases Report on CCMs

26 Sep 2008

In an interim report entitled "A Report on the Country Coordinating Mechanism Model," the Global Fund has released results from 40 case studies it commissioned on the operations of 19 CCMs. The report, which is undated, is available at


Precise Dates Regarding Round 9 Are Now Known

18 Aug 2008

As previously reported, Round 9 will take place nearly six months earlier than had originally been anticipated; it will be launched on 1 October 2008. This represents only the second time that two calls for proposals have been launched within a single year. Round 10 is then expected to begin in April 2009.


Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC)

18 Aug 2008

As announced in previous issues of GFO, in November 2006 the Global Fund Board created a new mechanism – the Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC) – to allow applicants with strongly performing grants to apply for continuing funding for up to an additional six years beyond the original proposal term.


Report on Round 7 Screening Raises Some Important Issues

31 Jul 2008

The "Report of the Round 7 Screening Review Panel," which is the subject of the previous article, raises a number of issues with respect to (a) the application of the six minimum requirements for CCMs and (b) applications from non-CCMs.

The CCM Minimum Requirements


Important Steps Towards a New Grant Architecture

30 Apr 2008

Large parts of the Global Fund Board meeting that ended yesterday were mind-numbingly boring, sometimes inevitably so and sometimes not. However, things certainly came to life when Round 9 was discussed.

The Board's decision regarding Round 9 creates some important new options that every CCM that is currently working on a Round 8 proposal needs to think hard about.


Global Fund Provisionally Agrees on Early Launch of Round 9

30 Apr 2008

In an unexpected development, the Board of the Global Fund yesterday agreed in principle that Round 9 will be launched nearly six months earlier than had been anticipated. The Board also agreed that CCMs whose Round 8 proposals narrowly fail to be approved will be permitted to resubmit those proposals as part of Round 9, after they address shortcomings pointed out by the Technical Review Panel (TRP).


Two Excerpts from <i>"The Aidspan Guide to Round 8 Applications to the Global Fund &#x2013; Volume 2: The Applications Process and the Proposal Form"</i>

17 Apr 2008

Following are two sample excerpts from "The Aidspan Guide to Round 8 Applications to the Global Fund – Volume 2: The Applications Process and the Proposal Form," whose publication in English was announced in GFO #86 and whose publication in French and Spanish is announced above.

Excerpt #1: Summary of the Disease Element


Acaban de ser publicadas las Versiones en Espa&#xF1;ol y Franc&#xE9;s de <em>"La Gu&#xED;a de Aidspan para las Propuestas al Fondo Mundial de la Ronda 8"</em>

17 Apr 2008

[Editor's note: This article is an adaptation in Spanish of an article that appeared in English in GFO Issue #86.]


Dropping the Ball

17 Apr 2008

If you stopped an ordinary man in the street here in Kenya and told him that there is a Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria which gives money to help Kenya fight the three diseases, he would probably be pleasantly surprised. For not many people here have any idea that such a fund exists.


The Advantages of Dual-Track Financing

14 Mar 2008

If developing countries are to make significant progress in the coming decades in the battle against HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria, they will require not only the enormous financial resources that the Global Fund can provide, but also the active participation of a substantial army of foot-soldiers – engaging the enemy village by village in the countryside, and street by street in the cities.


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