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Proposal Approval Rate Improves in Round 6

24 Oct 2006

The Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP) has completed its assessment of Round 6 proposals, and has recommended that the board approve 85 proposals costing $949 million over the first two years.  This represents 43% of eligible proposals, up from 31% in Round 5.


Significant developments regarding funding the Fund

12 Jun 2003

There have been some significant new pledges to the Fund during the past two weeks. However, many of these pledges are for 2005 and later. Without further major pledges, the Fund is likely to have only about one third of the money it needs for Round 3 (to be approved in October) and for Rounds 4 and 5 (to be approved next year).


From the GFO Editor

24 Mar 2003

The current state of play regarding the 58 Global Fund grants approved in Round 1 is as follows:


Approved Grants, in Decreasing Order

31 Jan 2003

This table shows the same data, but in decreasing order of the amount approved for Years 1-2.


Approved Grants, Alphabetically by Country

31 Jan 2003

The Global Fund Board today approved Round 2 grants as follows. Some countries received more than one grant. Most grants were in response to proposals from CCMs, but a few were in response to proposals from Sub-CCMs or from NGOs. This table shows the country totals, in alphabetical order.


Global Fund Board Approves Second Round of Grants

31 Jan 2003

The Global Fund today issued a press release as follows:

Grants committing up to US$ 866 million over two years were awarded today by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to help 60 countries rapidly scale up programs to stop these diseases. Much of the money will go to NGOs and the private sector, complementing the efforts of governments.


From the GFO Editor

28 Jan 2003
  • Issue 5 of the GFO Newsletter will be sent out this weekend, February 1-2. It will report on who gets chosen as the Fund's Chair and Vice Chair.
  • Issue 5 will also contain a complete breakdown of which proposals submitted in Round 2 are approved by the Board on Friday. It is anticipated that the grants approved will be worth some $860 million over the first two years.


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