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Volume 2 of Aidspan's Round 11 Applying Guide Released

23 Aug 2011

Volume 2 includes guidance on filling out the proposal forms


TRP Recommends for Approval 89 Round 10 Proposals; Total 2-Year Cost Is $1.76B

15 Nov 2010

The Global Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP) has recommended that the Global Fund Board approve 89 Round 10 grants that, over their first two years, will cost $1.76 billion. This makes Round 10 the third largest round ever of Global Fund grants (after Rounds 8 and 9).


Guides and Reports Available on the Aidspan Website

8 Oct 2010

The following is a partial list of the guides and reports available on the Aidspan website at



Demand for Round 10 Expected to Be Strong

24 Sep 2010

It appears likely that the demand for funding in Round 10 will be about the same as it was in Round 9. The Global Fund has released preliminary figures indicating that the total two-year cost for all Round 10 applications amounts to $4.36 billion.


Call for the Global Fund to More Actively Fund and Promote Harm Reduction

20 Sep 2010

The Global Fund is underperforming when it comes to support for HIV-related harm reduction programmes. The Fund urgently needs to increase the amount that is spends on harm reduction, and encourage applicants to build harm reduction into their proposals.


Aidspan Releases Q&A on the Global Fund's New Grant Architecture

14 Jul 2010

Aidspan has released a seven-page question and answer sheet (Q&A) on "Grant Consolidation and the Single Stream of Funding." The purpose of the Q&A is to provide a basic understanding of the concepts of grant consolidation and the single stream of funding, and of how Global Fund applicants and implementers will be affected.


Reminder Concerning Some of the New Features of Round 10

24 Jun 2010

This articles summarises someof what's new for Round 10, as an aide to people preparing proposals.

New prioritisation criteria


OIG Report Critical of Rounds-Based Proposal Form

24 Jun 2010

The call to submit proposals, as currently formulated - withvery specific guidance on how proposals should be presented and the issues theyshould focus on - is complex; and is also inconsistent with the Global Fundprinciple of supporting recipient-driven programmes. This indicates a need fora simpler application process, with the emphasis on country-driven proposals.


OIG Says Current Application Process Impairs Board Decision-Making

24 Jun 2010

The current grant applicationsprocess constrains the Board's ability to set policy and strategy, and to makefunding decisions that meet Global Fund objectives. This is one of the observationsin an audit report issued by the Office of the Inspector General, "TheOIG Review of the Global Fund Grant Application Process." (This is thethird of three articles in this GFO issue on the OIG report.)


Technical Assistance for Round 10 Proposals Available from Friends Africa

24 Jun 2010

Friends Africa is offeringtechnical assistance for the development of Round 10 proposals, through itsTechnical Assistance Hub. Friends Africa is a pan-African organization whichmobilises support for the Global Fund.


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