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How Initial Allocations in the Transition Phase Could Be Adjusted

11 Mar 2013

In an email sent to Board members on 7 March, Global Fund Executive Director Mark Dybul explained how indicative allocations for early and interim applicants could be adjusted to account for qualitative factors and other variables.


Information for Interim Applicants

1 Mar 2013

Interim applicants selected by the Global Fund will receive a formal invitation to apply for funding in the transition phase. The Global Fund will advise each potential interim applicant of the amount of funding available to it. Invited applicants will be asked to officially acknowledge receipt of the Global Fund’s invitation, and to confirm within a specified time frame whether they would like to participate.


Information for Early Applicants

1 Mar 2013
Early CCM applicants will use most elements of the NFM
Concept note is a mix of old and new

This article summarises the guidance provided by the Global Fund for early applicants under the new funding model (NFM), the process that these applicants will follow, and the information these applicants are required to submit.

Guidance provided by the Global Fund


An Estimated $1.9 Billion Will Be Available for the Transition Period

1 Mar 2013
New funding model is officially launched
Fifty-seven early and interim applicants identified

The Global Fund forecasts that $1.9 billion will be available in 2013–2014 for the transition period of the new funding model (NFM). The transition period will run from March 2013 to September 2014. The NFM was formally launched on Thursday, 28 February. The announcement was made in a news release issued by the Global Fund.


Global Fund Will Evaluate Performance of Each CCM Annually

1 Mar 2013
Early NFM applicants will undergo these assessments

The Global Fund will institute annual assessments of the performance of individual CCMs. During the assessments, the Global Fund will evaluate compliance against four of the six minimum CCM requirements and against what the Fund refers to as “the four associated minimum standards.”

Early CCM applicants under the new funding model will undergo these assessments during the country dialogue process.


Disease-Specific Observations from the TRP’s Review of TFM Proposals

27 Aug 2012
Sharp reduction in MARPs activities
Proposals lacked details on prevention activities

In the report to the Board on Transitional Funding Mechanism (TFM) proposals, the Technical Review Panel (TRP) made observations specific to each of the disease components. This article provides a summary of these observations. (In a separate article, we describe the lessons learned identified by the TRP with respect to all proposals.)


Global Fund Releases Additional Information on Changes to Grant Renewal Process

10 Jan 2012

The Global Fund has posted on its website information on changes to the grant renewals process as a result of decisions made at the November 2011 meeting of the Board. The information is available here.


Aidspan Guide to TFM Applications Now Available

10 Jan 2012

The English-language version of "The Aidspan Guide to Applications under the Global Fund's Transitional Funding Mechanism" is now available at French-, Spanish and Russian-language versions should be posted by the end of January.The deadline for applications under the TFM is 31 March 2011.


Working Group Formed to Study Changes to Application, Renewal and Approval Processes

13 Oct 2011

The Global Fund Board has formed a working group to examine options for changes to the application, renewal and approval processes for new and existing investments.


Deadline for Round 11 Applications Extended to At Least 1 March 2012

28 Sep 2011

Current estimates of funds available for Round 11 significantly lower than forecasted in May 2011

Funds might not be available until 4th quarter of 2013


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