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Donors Pledge $12 Billion for 2014–2016

9 Dec 2013
Well ahead of the $9.2 billion pledged at last replenishment conference, but short of $15 billion goal

Donors pledged an historic $12.007 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for implementation of its new approach that will see more resources targeting key affected populations in the countries least able to pay. The pledges were made before and during the Fourth Replenishment conference in Washington, DC on 2–3 December.


The Paris Meeting and Beyond

28 Sep 2003

On July 16, France and the United States co-hosted a long-heralded "International Meeting to Support the Global Fund" in Paris. When this event was originally planned, it was hoped by some that it would lead to many announcements of new donations to the Fund. But while there were many statements of support from world leaders, the only new donations announced at the meeting were a $10 m.


Significant developments regarding funding the Fund

12 Jun 2003

There have been some significant new pledges to the Fund during the past two weeks. However, many of these pledges are for 2005 and later. Without further major pledges, the Fund is likely to have only about one third of the money it needs for Round 3 (to be approved in October) and for Rounds 4 and 5 (to be approved next year).


Funding the Fund

23 Jan 2003

[GFO plans to have a "Funding the Fund" item in every issue of the Newsletter, reporting on the Fund's latest progress in raising the money needed to pay for its grants.]

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