Aidspan, Publisher of GFO, Moves From New York to Nairobi

30 Sep 2007

Aidspan, the NGO that publishes Global Fund Observer, has moved its primary base of operations from New York City, USA, to Nairobi, Kenya. (Publication of GFO was suspended during the transition, but resumes with this issue.)


Unity in Civil Society - Lessons from Kenya

7 Jun 2004

Even among sub-Saharan nations, Kenya has been hard hit by disease - AIDS has left up to 1.5 million dead; TB cases have quintupled in the past decade; and malaria kills some 26,000 children annually. So for Kenya, the Global Fund could have been a magic bullet. Instead, this country's approach to the Fund has produced a string of disappointments.


Nairobi Regional Meeting Makes Recommendations Regarding CCMs

16 May 2004

On July 7 and 8, the Global Fund will hold its first bi-annual Partnership Forum in Bangkok, immediately prior to the International AIDS Conference. The role of the Partnership Forum is to provide a channel for feedback from people interested in the Fund who are not formally represented in the Fund's governance structure.


A Breakthrough Proposal?

28 Sep 2003

Something quite remarkable happened a few days ago. On Thursday 25 September, a simple and obvious proposal was made by Stephen Lewis, the passionate Canadian who serves as the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa. Speaking at a conference on AIDS in Nairobi, he said that Canada should issue a compulsory license to lift the patent protection that covers most anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs).


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