OIG releases reports on investigations into Global Fund grants in Papua New Guinea, Nigeria and Eswatini

3 Sep 2018
Reports detail misappropriation of funds in Nigeria, fraudulent diversion of funds in Eswatini, and non-compliant expenditures in Papua New Guinea

Between 10 July and 20 August 2018, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released reports on three different investigations into Global Fund grants in Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, and the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland).


Le Fonds mondial déduit 170,6 millions de dollars de la somme allouée au Nigeria pour 2014/2016

28 Mar 2018
Le Nigeria n’a pas respecté ses exigences de financement de contrepartie

Global Fund chops $170.6 million from Nigeria’s 2014–2016 allocation

21 Mar 2018
Nigeria failed to meet its counterpart financing requirements

Paludisme au Nigeria, le Fonds mondial et les géants de l’alcool et programmation transformatrice de genre

16 Mar 2018

Ci-après des informations sur trois sujets dont nous pensons qu’ils intéresseront nos lecteurs :


BIG : l’audit de suivi des subventions du Fonds mondial au Nigeria révèle des améliorations significatives

16 Mar 2018
Des problèmes subsistent toutefois, et certaines mesures d’atténuation ont besoin de plus de temps pour devenir efficaces

Malaria in Nigeria; the Global Fund and "big alcohol"; and Gender-transformative programming

7 Mar 2018

Below, we provide information on three items that we believe will interest our readers:


Follow-up audit of Global Fund grants to Nigeria shows significant improvements, OIG says

6 Mar 2018
But problems remain; and some mitigation measures need more time to become effective

Les prorogations des subventions VIH et tuberculose existantes du Nigeria seront financées au moyen des allocations 2017/2019

17 Jan 2018
Le CAS fait état d’un sentiment de « frustration généralisée » face à la lenteur de l’impact obtenu par les subventions tuberculose

TRP and GAC raise concerns about sustainability of Nigeria’s Global Fund–supported malaria program

9 Jan 2018
It is a question of political will, TRP says
Senior Global Fund officials have invested a lot of time and effort meeting with high-level government officials to push for additional commitment and resources

Nigeria’s grant portfolio continues to provide plenty of drama.


Extensions to the Global Fund’s existing HIV and TB grants to Nigeria will be funded from the 2017–2019 allocations

9 Jan 2018
GAC reports “widespread frustration” about the slow pace of impact of the TB grants

As mentioned elsewhere in this issue, the Board has approved 18-month costed extensions for two HIV and two TB grants to Nigeria.


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