Global Fund Launches Public Awareness Campaign

20 Sep 2004

The Global Fund has launched a campaign in France to raise awareness about the Fund. It will feature advertisements in nearly 40 French magazines and newspapers, on several French television channels, and in the largest network of cinemas in France. By early next year the campaign will extend to Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK.


Hélène Rossert, First NGO Representative to be Chosen as Vice Chair

16 May 2004

At the March board meeting, the Global Fund board elected Hélène Rossert as Vice Chair. She is the first NGO representative, and the first woman, to serve in either of the top two board positions. (For more on the election itself, see GFO Issue 20, available at


The Paris Meeting and Beyond

28 Sep 2003

On July 16, France and the United States co-hosted a long-heralded "International Meeting to Support the Global Fund" in Paris. When this event was originally planned, it was hoped by some that it would lead to many announcements of new donations to the Fund. But while there were many statements of support from world leaders, the only new donations announced at the meeting were a $10 m.


Funding the Fund: Ten Key Issues

13 Jul 2003


This is a special edition of Global Fund Observer (GFO), devoted entirely to the topic "Funding the Fund: Ten Key Issues." This edition is intended, in particular, to serve as an input to the "International Meeting to Support the Global Fund" to be held in Paris on Wednesday July 16.


Significant developments regarding funding the Fund

12 Jun 2003

There have been some significant new pledges to the Fund during the past two weeks. However, many of these pledges are for 2005 and later. Without further major pledges, the Fund is likely to have only about one third of the money it needs for Round 3 (to be approved in October) and for Rounds 4 and 5 (to be approved next year).


Developments Regarding Resource Mobilization

7 May 2003

At the April meeting of the board's Resource Mobilization Committee, there were varied views regarding the "cruising altitude" (that is, the amount to be spent annually) at which the Fund should eventually level out. Dr. Feachem said he was aiming at $7-8 billion per annum. Some delegates agreed, or wanted higher. But some delegates from donor countries said they were shocked at Dr.


Paris Meeting on "Fund the Fund"

24 Mar 2003

Advocacy and activist NGOs from around the world will be holding a meeting in Paris on March 28-29 to discuss development of a coordinated campaign for full funding of the Global Fund. The meeting is organized by the French groups AIDES and Act Up Paris, and the US group Health GAP. Details are available at


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