Five G7 countries have increased their pledges for 2020-2022 compared to last Replenishment, with United States and France still to announce

24 Sep 2019
G7 countries’ contributions to Global Fund have grown steadily since Fund’s inception

As the Global Fund approaches the replenishment of funds for the next implementation period, 2020 to 2022, some of its traditional major donors have already announced their pledges.


Proud to be Canadian

20 Sep 2016

It’s a good time to be a Canadian again!

Over a lifetime, it ebbs and flows. I can remember, during the Viet Nam war (yes, I am that old!), when Americans touring Europe used to wear the Canadian flag on their backpacks to avoid being hassled.


Campagne de reconstitution: Les efforts de plaidoyer s’intensifient

12 Sep 2016
Quel sera l’engagement du Royaume-Uni suite au Brexit et au changement de gouvernement?

La campagne de reconstitution des ressources du Fonds mondial a reçu un coup d’accélérateur à Durban lors de la 21e Conférence internationale sur le sida avec plusieurs événements parallèles et la sortie du rapport du Globa


Replenishment round-up: U.S. announces pledge of up to $4.3 billion; Kenya raises the bar in Africa; and Sweden restores its 2016 cut

6 Sep 2016
Just over a week left until the replenishment conference

The Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment Campaign received an important boost from its largest donor, the United States, with the announcement of a pledge of up to $4.3 billion for the 2017-2019 period. This compares to the $4.1 billion that the U.S. contributed for the last replenishment period.


Replenishment round-up: Advocacy efforts intensify

2 Aug 2016
How much will the U.K. pledge after Brexit and the change of government?

The Global Fund’s replenishment campaign received a critical advocacy boost in Durban at the 21st International Congress on AIDS with several high-profile side events and the release of the Global Fund Advocates Network’s (GFAN) Cost of Inaction 2016  Report (see GFO article in this issue).


Replenishment round-up: New pledges from Japan and New Zealand

7 Jun 2016
Events scheduled for the High Level Meeting on Ending AIDS

The Global Fund’s replenishment campaign cranked up a notch in May with the announcement by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan of a USD 800 million pledge to The Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment ahead of G7 Summit which was held on 26–27 May in Japan.


Le Canada accueillera la cinquième conférence de reconstitution des ressources du Fonds mondial et accroit son engagement de 20%

10 May 2016

La campagne de la cinquième reconstitution du Fonds mondial a reçu un sérieux coup de pouce avec l'annonce par le Premier ministre canadien Justin Trudeau que le Canada fait une promesse de don de CAD 785 millions (US $ 608 millions) pour la période 2017-2019 et accueillera la cinquième Conférenc


Canada increases its pledge by 20% and will host The Global Fund’s fifth replenishment conference

10 May 2016

The Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment campaign received a significant boost with the announcement by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Canada is pledging CAD 785 million (USD 608 million) for the 2017-2019 period and will host the Fifth Replenishment Conference in Montreal on 16 Septemb


La contribution européenne de 470 millions d’euros est un bon début pour la campagne de reconstitution des ressources du Fonds mondial

22 Mar 2016
Les défenseurs du Fonds mondial se réunissent à Amsterdam pour développer une stratégie pour la reconstitution des ressources

La Commission Européenne contribue à hauteur de 470 millions d’euros au Fonds mondial pour 2017-2019, soit une augmentation de 27% par rapport à celle de 2014-2016.


EC’s pledge of € 470 million represents a strong start to The Global Fund’s replenishment campaign

21 Mar 2016
Advocates meet in Amsterdam to strategize for the replenishment

The European Commission is pledging € 470 million to The Global Fund for 2017-2019, an increase of € 100 million, or 27%, over the EC’s pledge for 2014-2016.


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