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Board Meeting Highlights

21 Nov 2004

This issue of GFO is devoted entirely to decisions made at the Global Fund board meeting that took place in Arusha, Tanzania on November 18-19. The Fund holds three board meetings per year. This was the ninth such meeting. GFO was present, with observer status.


Global Fund Announces Launch of Round 5

18 Nov 2004

The following is a press release issued by the Global Fund within the past hour. GFO is present in Arusha, and after the board meeting closes at the end of tomorrow, Friday November 19, GFO will send out a further issue providing information on this and other important decisions made at the meeting.

18 November 2004

Global Fund Board Agrees to Launch New Round of Proposals


Topics for Discussion at the Forthcoming Board Meeting

8 Nov 2004

The Global Fund's third board meeting of 2004 will take place in Arusha, Tanzania, on November 18-19. GFO will be present, and will report on developments after the meeting is over.

Analysis of decisions made at the June board meeting, and of recommendations made at the July Partnership Forum, reveals a number of topics that are due to be discussed at next week's board meeting.


Fund Releases Progress Report

16 Jul 2004

As part of its increasing emphasis on transparency, the Fund has released a study of the effectiveness of the 25 grants that have been in operation for more than one year. (An additional 135 grants have been operating for less than a year, and 140 grants have been approved but have not yet commenced operations.)


Tanzania and Uganda - Unanticipated Headaches

10 Jan 2003

The Global Fund encountered unexpected difficulties in recent dealings with Tanzania and Uganda. These may just involve bureaucratic teething problems, or they may provide early warnings of problems that will also arise with other countries.


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