More information on August funding approvals

16 Sep 2016
Details on GAC comments on grants to six countries

As reported in GFO #295, in August the Board approved $180 million in funding for 14 grants from 11 countries. The Board was acting on recommendations of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Grants Approvals Committee (GAC). This article provides a summary of the some of the comments made by the GAC in its report to the Board.


Les arriérés de recouvrement sont progressivement réduits

30 Nov 2015
Le montant à recouvrer au 30 juin était de 55,1 millions de dollars

Le Fonds mondial continue à faire de lents progrès dans le recouvrement des montants dûs aux fraudes et à la mauvaise utilisation de l’argent des subventions mis à jour par le Bureau de l’Inspecteur général. Depuis la création du Fonds mondial jusqu’au 30 juin 2015, 39,9 millions de dollars ont été récupérés, 34,4 millions de dollars jusqu’au 31 décembre 2014 et 29,2 millions pour la période précédente.


Recoveries backlog is being gradually reduced

18 Nov 2015
Amount still to be recovered as of 30 June was $55.1 million

The Global Fund continues to make progress – slowly – in recovering amounts owing due to fraud or improper use of grant monies based on reports by the Office of the Inspector General. From the inception of the Fund to 30 June 2015, $39.9 million has been recovered, compared to $34.4 million six months ago and $29.2 million a year ago.


Global Fund Board Meeting Makes Progress on Many Fronts

30 Apr 2007

The Global Fund's Board completed a three-day meeting in Geneva on Friday that reached solid agreement on multiple strategic issues that could easily have led to dissent.


Global Fund reports Developments Thus Far at Board Meeting

2 Nov 2006

This morning, the Global Fund issued the following press release:

2 November 2006

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